Going to France?

Needles to say, there are many drifty women outside of Sweden as well - please let me present Stefania, Italian living her dream in Alsace, France. Hopefully many of us will meet her and her family in person one day - what a place they have!

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Rent a wonderful B & B in Alsace, France

After many years in town and small villages, my husband and I, we need to live in the nature, without neighbours, near the mountains and forest animals; so 2 years ago we moved in our new home, but there were a lot of works to renovate this old farm.

Now we are so happy to live in this wonderful place that we would like to share it with others, so in last december we opened our first bed&breakfast for 2 persons and a child . In few months we 'll open a flat for 10 persons.

I like to decorate, to cook and to meet people, so this was the ideal work for me!

I like the " homemade" and I try to make the most by myself. When all works will be finished I would like to have some animals: hens, gooses, sheeps and a donkey, to have a real farm life!

I would like to invite to discover this wonderful region, the Alsace and our mountains les Vosges, where you can ski, hike and visit beautiful villages.

You're welcome to read more about us and our B&B on our blog. (Stefania speaks English even though the most of the text is in French)

All the best, Stefania

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