More spring & order my book/s

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Best Friday to you all!

Now I've opened my little book shop, and you who live outside of Sweden have finally a change to get your own copy. Here are the facts (updated 12-04-24, I had wrong info about the freight costs):

The price for "Blomstrande idéer" and "Dekorera vackert"  is SEK 150/book (apprx €16, USD 22). Both books SEK280 (apprx €30, USD 40)

Freight to Europe:
SEK 150 for one book (apprx 16 €) (same as the book, shocking!), 
SEK 237 for two books (apprx 26 € )

Freight to outside Europe (US, Australia etc)
SEK 180 for one book (apprx USD 24)
SEK 283 for two books (apprx USD 40)

If you want to go ahead, just write down your billing and shipping information to me. I'll send you an invoice with the payment details via Paypay. 

You won't be needing a Paypal account, only a credit card so you can do the secure payment.

As soon as the payment is done I'll send you the book/s. Signed :)

If you're interested in ordering one or both of my books, write me a mail:

Minna :)