Your friend promoting her new book "Dekorera vackert"

Your friend being interviewed by Jenny Strömstedt
about her new book "Dekorera vackert".

Spring inspiration - bake a cake!

As you might have read, I went to Stockholm last for to promote my upcoming book "Dekorera vackert" (Decorate beautifully or something like that :)). These pics are from the event att Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal, totally fantastic beautiful place that you should definitely visit when in Stockholm. The Swedish publishing houses presented garden books of the year and

Photos: Nina Bergström/Expressen

More of the event and presentation of the books here (sorry, in Swedish).

Minna :)

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EvitaCreativ sa...

Hi Minna,
the book looks great! Where can I buy this book (I´m from Austria)? My e-mail adress is: massage-praxis(et)
Perhaps you can give me the ISBN-Code, so I can order the book in Austria? It looks so great!!!
Thanks a lot and nice greetings to sweden!

inredningskurser sa...

Grattis till nya boken, Minna. Hoppas den säljer riktigt bra! //Lisbeth

My Shabby Streamside Studio sa...


Entre Nous sa...

I so need to move to Sweden... :}
Book looks fantastic, congrats :}

Annika Christensen sa...

Hej hej
Det gick ju så bra!
Trevlig tillställning.
Jag väntar tålmodigt på boken.
Ha det gott

Karen Piehl sa...

i love this kind of cake, food for the eyes!

i am so happy to have found your blog, karen