Vårfärg med tyger * Spring colours with fabric

We want color!

And then it was Friday again! It's unbelievable how time flies... It's certainly been a week with lots of action and varying seasons. The daycare was closed for two days so the youngsters have been assisting us... Check out Blomsterverkstad's Facebook-page for today's event.

I told you about Marie building an Easter scene... well, she did and it was just beautiful. For few hours...we didn't secure the shelf since we thought the greenhouse was safe from winds... but it wasn't.  Total disaster and lots of broken glass, eggs, and china :(   But we don't give up, Monday is new day :)

I'm trying to get all the administration done as well as sending images to magazines - it seems like every mag is lacking summer flowers. 

And finally to the point - colors! Thus being a flower girl I can get tired (and poor) of using fresh materials since they don't last that long. Getting a nice fresh spring feeling can be easily done with some colorful fabrics as well. I have a pile of cloths and small pieces of fabric in my kitchen - just to bring color!

Enjoy your weekend my friends, I'll spend mine cleaning, washing and cooking :)

Minna :)