Crazy about hair!

I love beeing creative with flowers, my dear friend AnnaKarin is crazy about hair! She has had the most exciting and succesful hair stylist career travelling around the world for many years. Now she's back home. If you want to get the same treatment as Madonna, David Beckham, Minna Mercke Schmidt, Naomi Cambell and many many more you can book an appointment to a Malmö-based salong where she works.

You can read & see more about her work here. I guarantee, she'll make your hair look good - and what's most important - she'll make you look and feel good!!!!

Minna : )

p.s. for you that didn't know, I'm back to my office work after maternity leave. Ads on my blog aren't quite enougt to pay for my bills yet, ha ha. I'll do my best in posting as often as I can... XX