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Wreaths, flower decorations, flea market finding, crafts, creative people - things I'm surrounded by in my everyday life as a professional flowerphotographer and stylist. Welcome to my world!

The story
I started my blog in August 2006. Had followed one of my bigtime favourites ... Lantliv i Stan... for awhile, today she blogg at Pejper. Inspired of her fantastic blog, I started my own. I wanted to share the passion for all the beautiful things I had collected through years and all the wreaths and flower arrangements I was doing.

And that's why I still blog - I want to share my love for flowers and inspire people to find beauty in everyday life. Decorating indoor and outdoors with simple and easy to make decorations. Materials I use come mostly from my (and neighbours) garden and from the nature around. We live on the country in southern Sweden. 

From blog to job
After blogging a while started magazines to contact me wanting to buy images. Wow, what an honor that was - and sooner than I realized, I had quit my day job as a sales manager and since 2009 I've been working full time as a  photographer  and floral designer producing a variety of inspiring lifestyle-, flower and DIY features to magazines around the world.

I've published three books, "Blomstrande idéer" (Semic, 2010) and "Dekorera vackert" (Semic, 2012) and "Dekorera personligt och kreativt" (Semic, 2014). I was one of the five contributors in Jennie Doh's book "Stylish Weddings".

I also arrange workshops. See blomsterverkstad.com for actual dates and cities (2015 - Christmas workshops Sweden, London, Helsinki, Sydney).

So, thanks to you visiting my blog and lifting my spirits with your kind and cheerful words - I'm living my dream and finding beauty in my everyday life and hoping to share it with you my dear readers... via magazines, books - and my blog! Not forgetting Facebook, Instagram or Twitter :)

Love to hear from you! I try my best in answering to you all, sometimes it might take a day or two or three : )

Minna :)

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