Workshop with Francoise Weeks

Oh my, oh my. Don't know where to start. So I just start, and show some of the hundreds of pics I took last week at Gullvivans blomstershop (amazing!!) where we had a workshop with the one and only Francoise Weeks. One the picture above Fanny Edvardsson from Herrhagens blommor with the headpiece she made. Fanny was the florist we chose as the winner of the scholarship.

The workshop was a three day event and it was totally amazing. We had students from so many different countries - yet still we became so close during these few days. Surely because we all love Francoise and her work. On instagram you can see links to all the girls.

Here's Josune who works as assistent at Gullvivans. She volunteered at the workshop and got a change to create with flowers between serving breakfast and lunch :) 
Thank you so much you talented girl.

First day we made woodland decorations, second day botanical jewellery and bags, third day we disappeared in the world of botanical wedding bouquets. 

Making rings, bracelets, necklaces and headpieces was so much fun. 
I miss everyone and the amazing feeling of being surrounded by soulmates.  Truly a dream come true -workshop. Many mentioner part 2.... hopefully in near future.

Thank you again everyone who participated and helped this event to come true. There are many more pictures, stay toned!

And have a lovely friday ♥

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monique carnat sa...

c'est magique ! superbes compositions florales avec le choix des végétaux très originaux !

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roth phallyka sa...

superbes compositions florales avec le choix des végétaux très originaux !


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