Friday flower!

It's friday! (Again!) I want to wish you a lovely flowery weekend - with the cutest primrose planted in a  metall jar that I found in Finland. It was filled with fudge, not my cup of tea really... but the jar... I just had to have it. Perfect for springy pot plants as primrose. 

Before planting I put some IECA bolls (is that the right name for those small brown bolls?) on the bottom (since there is no hole in the bottom of the jar). It's tricky to keep these spring plants alive indoors, since they grow outside and prefer a cooler climate. But I do my best watering modestly and keeping it away from the warmest areas in the house. And now when it's almost  +5 I keep it outside on the balcony as much as possible.

Enjoy your weekend dears - be kind to yourselves, and remember that just you are special!
Minna :)

6 kommentarer:

Emelie sa...

Pretty, pretty! Primeroses are perfect Friday flowers! i almost bought some for myself today, but I'm going away for the weekend so maybe next Friday instead...

It's LECA by the way ;)
Have a nice weekend!

Leila Egebjerg sa...

Beautiful flowers bring spring in mind. It is right that the small brown balls called Leca balls.
I wish you and your family a lovely weekend.
You briger joy in my life, be good to yourself.
Lover from Denmar and me. Leila

Blomsterverkstad sa...

ha ha ha, that's what they are called in Swedish as well. Google translate makes life funnier :)
Spring hugs, Minna :)

guild-rez sa...

When I see Primroses in stores and blogs, I know spring is just around the corner.
Kram Gisela

Eefies day sa...

A beautiful flower....loveluy picture Minna.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Much greetings, Eefie

Charlotte sa...

Charmant, comme toujours, et un petit brin de printemps avant l'heure, merci, ça fait du bien !