I love hyacinths!

Do I have to say anything? Just look at the pics - aren't hyacinths wonderful?!!! Here in Sweden and in Finland the hyacinth is ofter seen as a Christmas flower. How about rest of the world - what does hyacinth mean for you?

Minna :)

p.s. Thank you Gerda for your post yesterday - it was really appreciated and loved!
 I think there will be many spring wreaths made out there in the near future. Don't forget that you can buy all the material in her sweet on line shop Idémakeriet.

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Krek wak wou sa...

I love them too! Beautiful! For me the hyacinth is a spring flower!
Greetings from Holland!

bec sa...

your hyacinths are beautiful, I wish we had the climate to grow them, I will just have to visit your blog more often to enjoy such things.
Bec x

Nordhem sa...

Hyacinther är vackra oavsett årstid, en explosion i form, färg o doft..Synd att vi begränsar oss till juletid.

seelenruhig sa...

In Germany we love it at the beginning of january ... everybody wants spring-feeling after christmas.
So nice - your hyacinths -.... mine to ;-))


Tanya Payzant sa...

To me, hyacinths mean spring time. They bloom in my garden in May. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. :)

Deb sa...

I have some cut hyacinths on my counter right now, bringing a hint of spring to a New England winter. I love the colors and how the fragrance fills the house.

Leila Egebjerg sa...

Meget smukke blomster, jeg holder også meget af hyacinter. Flotte billeder du har taget.