Left overs thru Snapseed

Left overs in a wreath. (after)

Left overs in a wreath. (before playing with Snapseed)

Made a wreath of all the left over flowers in the garden. And them I played with Snapseed, a program for quick editing available in Appstore.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Today my youngest son (5 yrs) is having a friend for a sleep over for the first time... they have been counting days, so exciting to see how it will go. My son's comment on about sleeping over at friends house... "yes, I definetely will. When I'm six."

Minna :)

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Emelie sa...

How sweet, both the wreath(s) and yous son's comment. Wish a lovely weekend too!

Emelie sa...

... wish you a lovely weekend too .. of course

Jo sa...

after very interesting ;)

Geli sa...

Hej Mina, very beautiful wreath! Have a nice weekend!

Arabisk översättning sa...

You have such great ideas!
Have a nice weekend.

escargotine sa...


Carole sa...

Gorgeous! I haven't tried snapseed but I have download a lot of photo apps. You should do instagram you would get a ton of followers. Me included.