Different autumn colors

It's not only yellow and red on autumn - purple, white and black can be really nice colors to decorate with as well! Try and you'll see.

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Weronica - En mammas dag sa...

Himla fint med den där odlingsklockan - är det DIY av hönsnät? Något man kanske skulle försöka sig på till helgen :) Vackra bilder!

Charlotta Ward sa...

Hej hej hello!

I totally agree. In fact I love using these complimentary colours in Autumn. Last year I draped my livingroom windows with plum coloured drapes and it looked so great against the orange outside my window.

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Puss hej

xx Charlotta

seidenfein sa...

wonderful autumn colors ! I like purple with green and sometimes combine shades of brown with white - also autum but not so bright colors like orange and yellow.

Regards from

Geli sa...

I like autumn and the colors like purple, pink and white! It´s the best time for decoration! Your photos are very beautiful!

Norrfrids Eija sa...

Helt riktigt, lila och purpur vill vi se i höst! Vackert som alltid hos dej Minna!
Ha en fin helg,

Gabriella sa...

Åh så vackert! Ser alldeles ljuvligt ut.

escargotine sa...

very beautiful - biz