Beautiful autumn!

Autumn is beautiful! We're quite not there yet with yellow leaves and all...but knowing that it will be this pretty it doesn't matter that it's getting colder. 

So happy also that we managed to gather so many winter jacket and shoes to the Syrian refugees here in southern Sweden (read this post to get the full story, use the google translator). We visited them yesterday and talking to these people made it so clear - freedom, family, home and social security net, that's not to take for granted.

But we never stop trying to make the world for a better place for everyone, huh?!

Minna :)

10 kommentarer:

Pünktchen sa...

wow!! gorgeous!!!


Auntie Bliss sa...

we sure don' sweet of you to help. this photo is so ME!!

Shabby soul sa...

Darling Minna, your words about a better world are food for the soul!
(and your photos too)
Thank you!

flowersandhome sa...

Beautiful indeed! I love how fall colours nature. Also love the beautiful throw in your picture.

Brydzia sa...

Beautiful picture!!!

Geli sa...

Hey Minna, what a beautiful photo! I also like autumn and the colours of it! Best wishes!

Anonym sa...

Hi Minna. I agree there is something really special about autumn in Sweden.

Peace is something we often take for granted. Thank you for sharing.

Aquilejans sa...

Fantastiskt fint!

dreamhouse sa...

oj vad vackert! du e fantastiskt!! kramar camillaxx

Paula sa...

men Å vilken härlig höstbild!
Vi är så otroligt lyckligt lottade som fått födas in i ett land med fred och välstånd!