Today's bouquet

In the bouquet I picked today I chose columbine, chives, lady's mantle and a weed that we here in Sweden call "dog biscuit". I wrapped the stems first in green string, and the in a decorative string of pearls twined on a silver thread.

Keep those bouquets making your day!
Minna :)

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Therés sa...


Eefies day sa...

Lovely flowers and lovely colours Minna.
I wish you a nice week.


liljer og konvaller sa...

Hmmm...Dejlig sommerlig buket! Og som sædvanlig smukt fotograferet, Minna!
Ha en go' uge! Klem fra Ina

Carolin sa...

Underbar! :)

Emelie sa...

Lovely! Chives are perfect for bouquets, I love that colour! In English "dog biscuit" is called Queen Anne's Lace, a bit more glamorous ;)

Berit sa...

Nydelig bukett. Ha en fin dag