On the menu at IKEA.. spring feelings

Here you can see more springly images I produced for IKEA/Livet hemma. And of course get instructions how... they need to go thru google translator though, since the text is in Swedish. 

Enloy darlings! I'm off to soccer practice. I signed up as a trainer for 5 yrs olds... great fun! 
Minna :)

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I congratulate you! success ...

Michelle sa...

Oh, so lovely!

Jody and Stan sa...

Congrats! Love this photo. You're so inspirational.


molly sa...

I love your pictures.
Beautiful blog.
Lovely hugs
You are one of my favourites.
Lovely hugs

LurdeLinhas sa...

Just beautiful photo ! I can say " spring is in the air".Congratulations.
Amazing blog .
Maria de Lurdes