Want to buy my book - living outside of Sweden

Monday hello! And thank you for your support - the book is selling big time (here in Sweden)! 
Many of you foreign readers are asking where you can buy the book and if it's available in English. This is how I will see to that everyone can order their own copy:

The book is available only in Swedish. I will order the book from my publisher and will have my own temporary little web shop so all of you out there can get your own copy. The price is 16€ + freight to your country (europe apprx 12 €). Please write a mail to me for more info and payment details: minna@blomsterverkstad.com

Minna :)

5 kommentarer:

Karin sa...

Your photography is simply beautiful! love from sunny South Africa

Anonym sa...

Thank you for your offer to buy the book, I think, how to do it
I cheered when I saw a picture of how to make a wreath with a red ribbon bow turnip thank you!

Linda sa...

Jeg har bestilt den og fikk mail om at den er underveis:) Jeg gleder meg:)

Merja sa...

Vacker odlingsklocka!

Magdalena sa...

Lovely blog! ♥
Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ