Nice weekend!!!

Finaste helg till er! Här har vi ett stycke sjukt barn och en analkande musarm (min diagnos...axeln o armen värker som bara den, speciellt om jag jobbar med musen...). Så jag blir inte långrandig!

Puss puss och njut!
Minna :)

Have the nicest of weekends! I have a sick little boy here at home and I'm afraid that I have "mouse arm". As soon as I start working, my shoulder and the whole arm starts aching. So, this arm need to rest some.

Hugs and kisses!
Minna :)

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Axelle sa...

You should take some rest then and enjoy the weekend with the familly !
Here it will be a "gardening weekend" with the kids, taking the opportunity of sunny days (may be the last ones for quite a long time)

Polar Bear Creations Dolls sa...

Sometimes it's good to be forced to slow down and take it easy for a while.
Hope your little one is feeling better soon and your pain goes away.
All my best from Canada

Rebeccas DIY sa...

Jag önskar dig en underbar helg tillbaka!

Lara sa...

Even your garden clean-up photo is so beautiful!! :-) I love your blog - your photography & country life is so inspiring. I hope your son & your arm are both feeling better again real soon. I am just getting over my muscle aches from planting hundreds of spring bulbs.

blombud sa...

Dont work to much now, remember that the weekends is to relax.

Fundera grönt sa...

Tack för kommentarer på min blogg, Minna! Roligt att du gillar den! Jag är inte så aktiv med den just nu :)
Du verkar ha fullt upp! Kul! Jag kikar in här ibland men är dålig på att kommentera :) kram Nanna