Garden Gourmet in German Living & More

Dearest friends!
Today I have a change of showing what Marie and do all day, all week. This is an article from a German magazine Living & more that we did last year. Lots of inspiration for cooking outside with food from your garden.

Usually I don't get to see all the articles in print since they're distributed abroad. Some mags send copies to my agent. Downsides of working internationally :)

Minna :)

p.s. click on the images to enlarge

11 kommentarer:

elaine rickett sa...

Outdoor living at its finest.

Pünktchen sa...

oh! so I`m gonna buy this magazine - I am sure, it`s available in austria and I am such a BIG FAN of your images and inspirations!


Freudentanz sa...

I really love your blog and I´m so happy that this mag is a german one so I can buy it :-)


Blickwinkel sa...

Oh, I read always the Living & more magazine... I´m very happy to see you in it!
Have a nice day!

kind regards
from germany :-)


Hei Minna.

Dine bilder er så nydelige og jeg beundrer hvordan du/dere jobber. Dette er til stoooor inspirasjon!

Kos deg videre!


Maria sa...

Vad snyggt ditt kök blev, med små medel :)

Kendi sa...

Love your blog, thanks!


Anonym sa...

Great work - it was nice to see you in there! Happy weekend, Sandra

Tanya @ Lovely Greens sa...

Congratulations on the article! :)

*Ulrike* sa...

I miss getting German garden magazines!

Coach Factory Outlet sa...

Congratulations on the article!