Nyfiken * Curious

Jag är nyfiken! Hur säger man Blomsterverkstad på andra språk??? På engelska till exempel... Flowershop? Jag vet inte, men det gör kanske du...
I'm curious to learn how to say Blomsterverkstad in different languages. I guess that in English Blomsterverkstad is Flowershop - a place where I work with flowers, not a store, but the room in the back/working area where all the arrangements are beeing done.
Can you help me - -in English, French, Spanish, Estonian...in your language! I would be forever grateful and so glad to see how many languages we manage to write down.
Looking forward to your translations in comments...
Hugs, Minna :)

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Schneesternchen sa...

Hi Minna!

In German i think it*s like *Blumenwerkstatt*...


Ana sa...

In spanish, "Floristería"

Annie sa...

Hello Minna,

In English (American) it would be "garden shed."


Karin A sa...

Spännande fråga Minna! Jag har haft så problem med ute och inne. Outdoors och Indoors låter liksom inte så kul... :D

Kram på dig!

Aurélia sa...

In french we say "fleuriste" ...
By the way, shame on me, I've been following your blog since I discovered it last month but never left a comment !!

janeen sa...

hi minna :-)

in american english it could be:
"potting shed" or
...these would be places to grow flowers, forced bulbs, etc. in pots or flats.

"florist shop" would be a place where arrangements of flowers (mostly cut flowers) would be made...

hope this helps!

Anonym sa...

flower workshop?

Pia..... sa...

Hej ja det var inte lätt...hm..men lite hjälp fick du ser jag..på ren värmlänska skulle det hette..Blômstervârksta´n...Pia

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting sa...

In Dutch the place (and the person) where you buy flowers is a bloemist. And to be honest I don't think we have a seperate name for the place in the back where he/she does the flower arranging. So for Dutch go with bloemist (bloem=flower) and your safe.

Corine sa...

På norsk er det Blomsterverksted, men det visste du kanskje. Ikke så ulikt egentlig.
Når man bruker ordet verksted her i Norge tenker man mer på et sted på hvor man reparerer ting som har gått i stykker..

Stasia sa...

Hi! In Wisconsin, USA, we would say "the potting shed" if we meant a room or table area, near the outdoors, where we'd work with flowers and bulbs. Annie is right about "garden shed" but that brings to mind the places where we keep our grass cutting equipment and water hoses and fertilizers. (Well, not us, we don't use fertilizers on our organic farm!)

Have a nice day!

Stasia sa...

I'm sorry, if you are looking for an EXACT translation, I think it might be "flower workstand" or "flower workstation".

But if someone here were to open up a shop, calling it "The Potting Shed" would be cute and appealing, and the other words wouldn't really mean much to people.

Hope that makes sense. Just in case you're going global. ;)

mar!ana sa...


på portugisiska :)


Bulgariana sa...

In bulgarian we would say "цветна работилница" :-)

Lief Leuk & Anders sa...

In dutch:



"Florist's workshop" skulle jag nog säga på Brittisk engelska.
I alla fall såg jag din underbara bild på din skapelse i senaste Lantliv. Helt underbar!!!
Kramar Eva Agnes

Sibi sa...

In German it could also be: Blumenatelier
In Turkish it would be: çiçek atölye

All the best,

Anonym sa...

"Gėlių dirbtuvė" på litauiska, om man ska översätta bokstavligen. Jurate/ solrosor.blogspot.com

Vera sa...

Here in Brazil...means loja do florista or floricultura, or florista studio...hehehe
I love your blog and your creative
A big hug

Nóri sa...

In hungarian: virágos or virágüzlet

Ellen sa...

Ciao, Minna!
Italian: L'officina dei fiori
Lithuanian : Geliu dirbtuves

Kertu sa...

Dear Minna !

Thought about giving You a hand in translating to estonian made me wonder ... Verkstad the same word in Estonia is värkstuba.
But to think of it would we use the word verkstad = töötuba instead. Elderly people use the word = värkstuba.
Blomster is -lill... Lilletöötuba does not really seem to work.
(sounds like flowers working room )
But if You say Lilleseadja värkstuba - we estonians will say wow.

Lilleseadja is the one who makes flower arrangements.

Thank You for making us to think of mothertonque.


Anonym sa...

in French "fleuriste" is the personne doing the flower arrangement. The place were you do the flowers arrangement would be "l'atelier des fleurs" ?!
Thank you for all the beautiful posts you offer us :)
Take care,

Carina, långt borta ! sa...

ressebrJag har sett lite olika försök på Holländska!!
Bloemist är ju som sagt personen som sammanställer allt som har med blommer att göra.
Bloemenzaak är det samma som blomsteraffär i Sverige.
Eftersom namnet blomsterverkstad inte används i all allmänhet på svenska heller,(vad jag vet) tycker jag att på Holländska skulle det bli bra med "De Bloemenwerkplaats". Det speglar mer ditt kreativa användande av svenskan när du har valt att kalla ditt lilla himmelrike Blomsterverkstaden. Jag tänker på garage-verkstad. Samma har du på Holländska, garage-werkplaats.
Milde tider det blev långt !!
Hur som helst har du en fantastist inspirerande blogg !!
Tack för den !!

Jette K sa...

På dansk er det blomsterværksted. Og vi har faktisk haft en blomsterbutik her i byen, som hed Blomsterværkstedet. :-)


Anonym sa...

In Greek:

Anonym sa...

Guten Tag Minna:),

in Polnisch heisst es "Pracownia florystyczna".
Ihre Kunst gibt mir Glueckgefuehl. Jeden Tag schaue ich mir Ihre wunderschoenen Sachen an. Danke, dass es Sie gibt.


Ipu sa...

"Flower inspiration" would sound poetic in my ears. In Finnish Minna most likely can thing of something of herself. I would say "Kukkapaja" tai "Floristin unelmatupa" not everything needs to be directly translated. Maybe something around the idea of creating new, in a busy small butik that is little rosty and has a very unic feeling. Flower dream house, flower shed, flower innovation shed, floristic garden house, floristic shed... I can thing of a million more .-)

Anonym sa...

I like your blog so much, but I have never left any comment...shame on me! :)
In found that in polish it's very hard to find exactly that word. It can be Kwiaciarnia, as a place where you can buy flowers (mostly cut one) so your Blomsterverkstad is more like Pracownia florystyczna.

Anonym sa...

verkstad - in Polish warsztat
a place behind a house where you actually work with wood usually, but not only wood. You use and keep tools there.
flowers - kwiaty

warsztat kwiatów

there is a famous Polish flowerist Marta Gessler who owns her own verkstad - but its name is derived not from "flowers" word but from "scent" so it is a scentverkstad - (warsztat woni)
there is an english version

Marianne sa...

I would like to ad bloemenwinkel to the Dutch entries. It is less posh ;-)

mimmuli sa...


Finland: Kukkaverstas


Ida sa...

Morsomt og internasjonalt spørsmål.
På norsk heter jo din vakre blogg nesten det samme som på svensk.
I Norge har vi to skriftspråk.
På bokmål heter det Blomsterverksted. Bokmål brukes hovedsaklig Øst og Sør i Norge.
På nynorsk heter det Blomsterverkstad eller Blomeverkstad. Nynorsk brukes hovedsaklig Vest i Norge.

Carolyne sa...

Hi Minna~ I think of the workspace as "the Potting Bench" for flowers and plants, much like a baker's bench would be in a bakery or pastry shop for kneading bread or forming shapes of rolls.

Bless you.

Frauke sa...

hallo Minna, ich lasse es mir von Google übersetztn, klingt immer sehr lustig aber noch verständlich

DIANA sa...

Ciao dall'Italia!!
Fioraia is the word for the person(woman)and Fioraio(man).
La fioraia(fiore is flower)than a lot of shops here have names like:Maflower (where i go to buy)..I like a lot all your wonderful creations and i am weekly on your blog to be inspired..

Anonym sa...


In french, it would be "l'atelier floral". The flower workshop

AnnaPaula sa...

Hi Minna!!
Italian and I think "Vivaio"is the word you're looking for..
My compliments for your beautifull blog..you're in my links.
Baci con amicizia

scarbo sa...

Hi Minna, in Bavarian language it's called Bleamelad'l and the female worker is a Bleameweiwe

Lucille sa...

In our Edwardian house ( 1896) a very small room near the back door was described to us by the owner, as ' the flower room'. I was puzzled as there is no water supply in there and now we use it as a cloakroom, but I still like to think of it as a flower room.

sexy sa...


Belen sa...

Hola Mina :-)

In spanish: Taller de flores

Floristeria means Flowershop...Blumenladen.

Lait Grenadine sa...

So, I'm going to try to remember my english leasons at school ! First of all, let me congratulate you for your wonderful, beautiful, marvelous blog ! I love it ! I thing the reason is very simple : I'm a florist. At the time being, I stay at home with my two children but plan to open my own shop during next year, in south of France. Therefore, I'd like to tell you that your 'flower atelier' is in French version "L'atelier des fleurs" or "L'atelier floral". There's a lot of French florist who named their shop "L'atelier floral". It means that they are not only flowers salers but flowers decoraters, creaters. I hope I've given you an idea of the French version of your Blomsterverkstad and invite you to visit my futur shop in South of France. See you soon ! Gwénaëlle

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